From the Eye of the Storm

31 January 1974
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Welcome to my little world. As they say, "Life's been good me so far." I'm a Wiccan priest, a former officer in the Unites States Military (where I served a year in Iraq, and ran the Wiccan/Pagan Distinctive Faith Group for the largest US camp in the country, Camp Victory near Baghdad), and a New Orleans ex-pat currently living with my wife goddessmusings in Lafayette, Louisiana. I'm a historian by training, a computer geek by trade (System and Network admin for a supercomputing center, with a little coding on the side), and a bit of both by preference. I enjoy playing at being a martial artist, reading an awful lot and gaming on both the computer and table top. I don't post as often as I think I should, but I don't really let it get to me. If you friend me I will most likely return the favor, and provide pseudo-insightful comments on technology, religion, politics (I consider myself a moderate which these days seems to be lumped in with "flaming liberal"), and just about anything else that interests me (which covers a LOT of ground.)